RSC-Company Profile

The Company

Rhino Sugar LTD/ Rhino Sugar. Sp. z o.o. is the holder of the allocation,  and works with factories in Brazil.

Rhino Sugar Ltd is a leading global supplier of sugar to food and beverage manufacturers in the Middle East and Africa, and supplier business to 9,6million tonnes of sugar. Due to the convenience of the location of the refinery, “the company can easily service markets in North America, West Africa and Asia . Exports also takes place to destinations around the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Balkans.

Rhino Sugar LTD shows two of the largest Brazilian sugar refinarie


Rhino Vision Sugar Corporation is to serve our customers the best, providing the highest quality of various types of refined sugar at the best price.


The mission of the National Sugar Company is to provide the highest quality of refined sugar:

Environmental problems

The social responsibility of business is part of everything we do. It is our commitment to apply the knowledge and experience to help meet complex economic, environmental and social, where we business.Rhino Sugar Corp. recognized the importance of protecting the environment during their operations. RSC believes that taking care of the environment is not only an ethical and legal obligation, but also a mechanism for success. Environmental issues is a priority for the refinery, which is working with the RSC.


We serve a wide world of consumption and industrial markets by 50 kg and 25 kg bags. In addition, the Company plans to provide a more specialized type of sugar products in the near future.

Sales and Marketing

Rhino Sugar Corp has a significant market share through authorized representatives in the following markets:
We have established supply contracts with international customers in the Middle East and Africa. These agreements are supported by our international quality certificates.

Quality control

Rhino Sugar Corporation in cooperation with sugar refinaries state of art laboratory maintains qualified, experienced team to ensure the quality and safety of its products, from production to the final product. In order to ensure high-quality materials and final products are inputs of analyzes carried out in accordance with ICUMSA (International Commission of uniform methods of sugar):

This test is used to determine the content of pure sucrose received, processed and produced sugar.

Humidity Test is one of the most important for white refined sugar to ensure the safety of the product.

Conductivity ash has individual importance during the various stages of the production and the final product. It is a quick way to get to know ion (insoluble) impurities in the sugar solution.

This test is used to determine the color received, processed and sugar produced to ensure the quality of our refined sugar.

To perform this measurement using a UV / Vis photometer device accompanied with ICUMSA standard test method.

Turbidity is a cloudiness or turbidity fluid caused by individual (suspended solids), which are generally invisible to the naked eye, similar to smoke in the air.

The measurement of turbidity is a key test for many food and beverage industries, such as sugar.

Invert sugar is a mixture of glucose and fructose, sucrose formed by dividing in two components.

Microbiological Laboratory:

The laboratory is used to control our water treatment product for the detection of bacteria that can cause potential harm.

All Refinaries sugar in Brazil to keep control of all stages of the process, from the receipt of raw sugar for refining sugar packaging using microbiological limits of international standards.