Loading documents:


1.    Commercial Invoice, three (3/3) copies

2.    Clean on board Bill of Lading; three (3/3) copies

3.    Certificate of Origin issued by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of BRAZIL; three (3/3) copies

4.    Fumigation Certificate issued by BRAZIL Fumigation Company; original

+ three (3/3) copies

5.    Phytosanitary Certificate issued by the Plant Protection Department if the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development BRAZIL; three (3/3) copies

6.    Packing List issued by SGS BRAZIL Ltd. for each lot attesting that of empty new single woven polypropylene bags is 130 grams minimum; original + three (3/3) copies

7.    Certificate of Vessels hold cleanliness issued by SGS BRAZIL Ltd.

8.    2 non-negotiable copies representing 2% new empty spare polypropylene bags

  1. Inspection Certificate of Quantity final at time of loading issued by SGS BRAZIL Ltd.; three (3/3) copies
  2. Inspection Certificate of Quality final at time of loading issued by SGS BRAZIL Ltd.; three (3/3) copies
  3. Signed Packing List; three (3/3) original + three (3/3) copies
  4. Charter Party Agreement; three (3/3) copies
  5. Lloyd’s Register Certification copy plus three (3/3) copies confirmation that the age the vessel(s) is not more than (20) twenty years
  • Other document as called for under the contract. Should documents be presented with an incomplete set of bill(s) of lading or should other shipping documents b missing, payment shall be made, provided that delivery of such missing documents be guaranteed, such guarantee to be signed, if required by Buyers, by a recognized bank. Acceptance of this guarantee shall not prejudice Buyer’s right under this contract